How can moms protect kids from flea bite?

Are you a mom taking good care of your child and pet?


Then indeed you need to look out for the fleas in your pet. Since it can bite your little junior and can damage the health.

Fleas are the tiny insects that are wingless and often feed on the food and blood of birds and mammals. They have sharp spikes on them with hind legs and have a color of brown to black.

They usually feed on warm-blooded mammals like cats, dogs, horses, and humans. For those people having pets in their homes, chances of getting bitten by flea are more. They reproduce quickly which further increases the danger.

How would you know if your baby is bitten by a flea?

Symptoms of flea bites on your baby:

  • Taking a look at the spots on the skin of your baby can give an idea of whether it is a flea bite or not. The flea bites usually have the following appearances:
  1. They appear as small red bumps on your skin.
  2. Mostly appear around ankles or legs.
  3. There is a red halo around the center of the bite.
  4. The bites are usually in a group of three to four bumps or in a linear row.
  5. Also, they can be around the waist, armpits or groin area of your baby.

  • When your baby is bitten by a flea, he/she will have itchy skin. Upon itching, the skin may become more painful and sore. These bites develop rashes and hives around themselves due to itch.
  • The difference between the bed bug bites and flea bites is the blisters. Blisters form on the baby skin when bitten by a bed bug bite but are not the case with the fleas.

Treatment for your baby:

  • Flea bites can be gone with the passage of time without any treatment. However, to avoid them, you have to clean your area from them.
  • You can apply over the counter anti-itch creams or anti-histamine medications on the baby’s skin which are non-allergic to the skin and can reduce the itch.
  • For the flea bites on pets, you should always consult a professional veterinarian. Other than that, you should always wash your pet if it frequently goes outdoors and uses cold water for washing in case if it gets flea bites to reduce the discomfort of itching.
  • If your baby gets a flea bite, you should immediately wash the area and apply an ice pack to calm the inflammation. If they are bringing out puss, consult your doctor immediately.
  • Flea bites can cause swelling on the baby too as well as itches and allergies. They are not dangerous to their lives. However, if your child feels nausea or swelling on lips or face, immediate medical help should be taken.
  • Getting rid of the flea is very necessary to avoid any flea bite. In this case, you should periodically take your pet to the vet. Also, make your house flea free by some treatment of professional flea control expert.


Fleas reside in those areas which are not properly cleaned and ventilated. So, keep your pet and home area neat and clean to avoid any chances of getting your child bitten by a flea.