Summer is coming is the most exciting news heard by pest where they can provide their services. You may get a look of various advertisements flashing pest control services at grocery stores or outside laundry shop. It’s going to be the worst nightmare for housekeeping to conquer pest. Similarly, it’s quite hard for people to declare war on pest beside to call out some home pest control service provider. Most of them are frightened while the rest of them are lazy or don’t have time. Pest controllers are in such a booming business, demanding their own prices. Although, they know their people that could be called on even on high fares.

In the meantime, optimum temperatures are suitable for the springing up of pest. Cockroaches, rodents, flies, bedbugs or mouse are active indoor or roaming in your garden time even swimming too. Everybody wants to know the secret recipe to pest defense. However, trade secrets are quite confidential and charging more of their brand identification despite their short-term solution of being pest free. Nonetheless, some crafty minds shape up the mechanism more focused on prevention beside tackling too. Yes, we decode the trade secrets of the costly service provider and provide you hacks that keep you pest crawling outside your door. Read pest guide as following below:

Food Storage

According to, Everybody should aware of house party may rolls when you are busy in binge-watching, eating haphazardly which gives a promo to pest to enter in your house. Food storage in the best way keeps you away from terrifying creatures. Storage of food in an airtight container or lock and key boxes. Be sure that your latches are intact with your cupboards. Moreover, Food like fruits and vegetables are properly refrigerated not only they remain fresh but still stay away from pest.

Waste Management

After food storage, their main place of attraction is waste where they ambush their new buddies. Remains are still part of the food. It may be not consumable for us but there’s a feast for others such as flies, ants, cockroaches etc. Ensure usage of lid baskets for leftovers and lid should be tight. The bin should be as much away from the infectable areas as possible. Rats and mice found luxury in waste mishandling so, make sure empty bin replaces fuller one.

Sometimes, leftovers are not visible with the naked eye that counts to uncleanliness though you are conscious and discipline of everything. These kinds of places are heavens of pest. Shelves should be cleaned and dusted. Mopping of floors with some Anti-bacterial serum (child-friendly) which can be added in a container of water. Sinks should not be occupied all dishes are washed after consuming dinner or breakfast i.e. clutter-free. Your refrigerator, cooking appliances are well-serviced to avoid any gazing from ants, flies etc.


Moist Free

Water is complimentary of every disease spreading and pest works in the same way. Either sink is leaking, or bathroom tap should be fixed. Kitchen Sinks should be drained otherwise it will be a paradise for mosquitos. Consequently, a cockroach can swim in water whereas can survive for a month without food. House comprises of outdoors as well. Finally, avoid stale water within the house, lawns or parks. Your floors should be wiped out and dry verandas. Gutter are connected wherever they are.


Smoking chimneys, fireplace or opening where we have a risk of entering any pest to a house should be covered and closed that will prevent birds, bats and rodents etc. to enter in the house. Fixation of cracks in the chimney also controls the situation. Apart from that, the installation of vents and screens keeps you guarantee to stay away from pest.

No Stomping

Stamping on pests like bed bugs or cockroaches kill them but release their eggs. For instance, there are 15-30 nymphs inside each cockroach egg. Moreover, stomping can affect infants because they are fond of touching and inhaling which may cause serious health issues. A solution to stomping is insect repellant that can keep safe from pest and cleaning of that place with floor agent helps with home pest control service.

Home Remedies

There are several methods to avoid home pest control service and one of them is using natural thing known as home remedies for pest control. Garlic Mint Spray is one to keep away for outdoor pest and make your greens as young as before. Coffee grounds are suitable for bugs just sprinkle them where you have any risk. Dust Mite Oil repellent and Basil & Lemongrass are essential repellants of lice and fleas. Lastly, Apple cider vinegar fruit fly trap is used to get rid of buzzing in the ear of a person and sounds funny too.

Engage Service Provider

If you still think the above remedies are not useful and seem that the above ideas are not for lazy people. Therefore, you are infested with bed bug and you tried a lot of methods but still can’t find any conclusion to the problem then the ultimate answer is to engage a service provider or have some pest control guide.

These all above guides are to keep you safe from pest in a household. As you all know prevention is better than action. So, let’s give it a try. To keep away from irritating pest simply use above methods before any pest knocks down your road. Take all matters in your hand and check it out how you could wipe out pest in your home.



How can moms protect kids from flea bite?

Are you a mom taking good care of your child and pet?


Then indeed you need to look out for the fleas in your pet. Since it can bite your little junior and can damage the health.

Fleas are the tiny insects that are wingless and often feed on the food and blood of birds and mammals. They have sharp spikes on them with hind legs and have a color of brown to black.

They usually feed on warm-blooded mammals like cats, dogs, horses, and humans. For those people having pets in their homes, chances of getting bitten by flea are more. They reproduce quickly which further increases the danger.

How would you know if your baby is bitten by a flea?

Symptoms of flea bites on your baby:

  • Taking a look at the spots on the skin of your baby can give an idea of whether it is a flea bite or not. The flea bites usually have the following appearances:
  1. They appear as small red bumps on your skin.
  2. Mostly appear around ankles or legs.
  3. There is a red halo around the center of the bite.
  4. The bites are usually in a group of three to four bumps or in a linear row.
  5. Also, they can be around the waist, armpits or groin area of your baby.

  • When your baby is bitten by a flea, he/she will have itchy skin. Upon itching, the skin may become more painful and sore. These bites develop rashes and hives around themselves due to itch.
  • The difference between the bed bug bites and flea bites is the blisters. Blisters form on the baby skin when bitten by a bed bug bite but are not the case with the fleas.

Treatment for your baby:

  • Flea bites can be gone with the passage of time without any treatment. However, to avoid them, you have to clean your area from them.
  • You can apply over the counter anti-itch creams or anti-histamine medications on the baby’s skin which are non-allergic to the skin and can reduce the itch.
  • For the flea bites on pets, you should always consult a professional veterinarian. Other than that, you should always wash your pet if it frequently goes outdoors and uses cold water for washing in case if it gets flea bites to reduce the discomfort of itching.
  • If your baby gets a flea bite, you should immediately wash the area and apply an ice pack to calm the inflammation. If they are bringing out puss, consult your doctor immediately.
  • Flea bites can cause swelling on the baby too as well as itches and allergies. They are not dangerous to their lives. However, if your child feels nausea or swelling on lips or face, immediate medical help should be taken.
  • Getting rid of the flea is very necessary to avoid any flea bite. In this case, you should periodically take your pet to the vet. Also, make your house flea free by some treatment of professional flea control expert.


Fleas reside in those areas which are not properly cleaned and ventilated. So, keep your pet and home area neat and clean to avoid any chances of getting your child bitten by a flea.



A strong family means a strong generation. That is the reason why a good health of a family in every way is considered important. This not only means physical health but a person should be mentally, spiritually and emotionally strong as well to live the life in a balanced way.

Here you’ll find the top ways to improve your family’s health.

  1. Eat right:

A healthy diet is the foundation of a family’s good health. Those families in which there is a minimum consumption of salt, junk food, and other fried food items tend to live longer and healthier.

For a healthy and happy living, make dairy products, lentils, beans, fruits, and vegetables especially green ones to be a part of your daily routine. These items are less expensive and more nutritious as compared to the junk food and restaurants’ meals. So, they can be afforded by families with low income.

Also, having plenty of water during the day is the key to healthy living and your organs are going to thank you for this. If you want your kids to be healthy, happy and thus successful in life, teach them how to avoid less healthy foods and go for a healthy choice.

  1. Maintain physical activities:

Insist your child go on a walk with you in the morning or evening. Or play any game whichever your child likes. Creating new opportunities to spend at least 30 minutes in any physical activity will not only boost your and your child’s stamina but also will make him/her socially active. People who do daily exercise are more active physically and mentally.

Keeping a balance between your work or study life and other activities are required to maintain a healthy living.

  1. Promote goodness and reward for it:

Self-control is one of the basic traits of making your life a lot smoother. Try to adopt good habits by defeating the bad ones and teach your child and other family members too. Helping others will not only bring satisfaction to your inner self but also you will feel joy and happiness. It is important to reinforce your child’s good behavior.

This will make him a better person for himself and society. Rewarding him/her for his good attitude will be a motivation and he/she will always strive to improve himself/herself.

  1. Listen to your family:

Nowadays, nobody is getting time for the family to listen to them and have a talk. Everyone is busy with their job routine, studies or mobile phones that they don’t even know they are neglecting their precious relations.

All family members and especially the parents should try to interact with their children and listen to them what they have to say. This does not mean spoiling them but a little interaction and talk can strengthen their bond with you. Listening to their problems and finding a solution for it together will enable him to trust and love.

Wrap up:

Smile and laughs bring a great positive impact on your family’s life in every way. Too much emphasis on work and routine can bring tension and anxiety. Try to give your family some space and make activities that give fun and happiness.

Playing games, going on trips, cooking together or going for ice-cream sometimes can bring a balance to your life.

health pregnancy

Eliminating cysts in the ovaries from home

The rupture of an ovarian cyst is an important difficulty for that if not properly managed could induce a lot of discomforts and also in some cases also a fatality. Some of these symptoms include swelling of the abdomen; pain in the lower back, pelvis as well as behind the upper legs; discomfort during menstruation, as well as during sexual intercourse; weight gain; the sweetness of the chest; unusual bleeding and also problems urinating.

Other negative effects consist of abnormal hair development (face as well as hair on the physical body), infertility (as some cysts are formed by the egg falling short to lower the fallopian tubes from the ovary, as well as ending as well as cysts themselves) ), nausea, rib discomfort, swelling, migraines or even strange marks under the skin that look like bruises.

The most severe symptoms are a severe abdominal pain, fainting and also dizziness, irregular periods, breathless like eliminating ovarian cysts, pain during urination, extreme discomfort during sex and also fever in addition to vomiting.

The fact of ovarian cysts is that each woman acquires them since a cyst is vital for the development of an egg, as well as the hormonal agent’s estrogen and also progesterone.

If a pregnancy does not occur throughout that liquefies the pattern of the cyst and its next menstrual period begins with respect to 2 weeks after ovulation and also with respect to 4 weeks from the beginning of the duration of the previous menstruation.

Maternity will be celebrated, the cyst of the corpus luteum, which produces progesterone, will keep the pregnancy very early during the initial trimester (12 weeks), as well as it comes to be known as the luteum of motherhood.

If you want to know more about family health or knowledge about mommy and kids, click and visit Check Pregnancy.