Eco-Friendly Gardening Ideas That Will Have You Seeing Green

There are many ways to practice eco-friendly methods in your garden. These ideas for a green living always begin with water and energy conversation. Although these are perfectly all right, green living goes beyond these. Of course, services like landscaping Cedar Park offer great methods to achieve a greener and more beautiful landscape, but as an owner, you can also do the tips that we will provide you here in your daily gardening sessions.  

The following are the gardening tips that will help your garden in a more eco-friendly way 

1.Reduce your herbicides and chemicals 

There are two ways on how to do this: first, change your perspective on weeds. Second, avoid using chemicals in fighting weeks by opting for an organic or at least less harmful chemicals.  

Changing your perspective on weeds includes preventing their occurrences to avoid fighting them using harsh chemicals. It might also include being tolerant of weeds. Some weeds can be edible including Portulaca Olearacea, or commonly known as purslane.  

2.Reduce chemical pesticides and fertilizers 

You can do this by fighting pests naturally, using mulch and compost and being smart in selecting your plan variations. It is important to fertilize your plants to provide the nutrients they need. But you can do this by using organic fertilizers such as dried animal wastes and other organic wastes that will provide nutrients to your plants. You can also use mulching mowers and use clipped grass as your fertilizers. Aside from this a compost does not just provide nutrients, but also good aeration to your plants and grass.  

3.Conserve your water 

It is important to save water especially when you have a garden. You can do this by installing a butt on every downpipe or an underground rain tank if you have some spare space. It is not advised to use a sprinkler in the garden, because the water it provides cannot travel deeper into the soil to reach the roots of the plants.  

4.Invest in a green roof 

The green roof has been a popular roofing style nowadays both in urban and rural areas, even residential areas in the city. The eco-roof does not just provide aesthetic value to your house, but also improve insulation. This conserve water too as it is capable of controlling water run-off. You can even put some chairs on your roof as long as it is capable of taking weight. 

5. Choose eco-friendly plants 

You know you have chosen the best plants when they can provide habitat for some insects and animals that can be beneficial to wildlife. For instance, you can choose berry-producing plants and trees, to attract birds and insects to your garden.  


There are still many ways on how to make your garden greener and more eco-friendly. As long as you conserve water and energy; use organic materials and ingredients and avoiding chemicals; and create habitat for insects and birds necessary for wildlife, then you know you are doing great with your gardening. Your garden should not just be aesthetically appealing, it also needs to be helpful to the environment and ecosystem.